A few times a decade, technology emerges that changes everything–

Innovation so profound that it fundamentally changes the way we live, and becomes a defining characteristic of an entire generation. Often, it’s so foundational, that in it’s maturity it gives rise to entire industries. The development of the jet engine enabled modern air travel, ushering in globalization, international business, and rapid movement between nations. The silicon wafer ushered in microprocessors and the dawn of computing.
This set the foundation for the personal computer revolution and the emergence of the Internet - an era of global, instant interconnectivity. Since then an entire generation has come to be defined by the smartphone. Recently, Bitcoin and it’s distributed ledger, opened the realm of decentralized assets and an era of Web 3. At Infinite, we seek these breakthroughs - the innovations that will shape the coming generations.

Our principles

Founders First

We prioritize our founders above all else. Having built and sold companies, we’re aware of the extreme effort it takes to succeed, and the sacrifices founder’s make along the way.

At Infinite, we expect to put in effort when the path get's difficult and have successfully navigated our companies through hacks, founder disputes, legal concerns and setbacks. At early stage and scale, we get hands on with our builders, adding value though strategy, token models, capital raises, hiring, product releases and scaling production.

Invest with Conviction

As a firm, we look for 0 to 1 innovation. Innovation that redefines the standards, and redraws the map. Often these ideas look outrageous, and their creators like fanatics. To develop accurate opinions of our own, in uncharted waters, requires understanding from first principles.

From that place, we can make decisions that are contrarian, and without consensus. This is where we thrive – we’re conviction investors, that are willing to invest early, and alone, in audacious founders and their innovation. While this can go awry - we’ve proven time and again that this has led to our greatest successes.

Question Everything

We are born into a world of constructs, inherited from life on Earth.

Some constructs are incontrovertible, like the laws of physics, genetics, and planetary movement. Most constructs are societal, invented by those before us—language, beliefs, and systems. Including those we rely on daily, such as agriculture, democracy, transportation, and technology.

These societal constructs range in quality—some of them profound, many flawed, and a few dead wrong. We see opportunity in those flaws—the chance for visionaries to redefine and design the constructs of the future.

We invest in the founders, the innovators, and the thinkers who dare to question everything.

The Innovation Horizon is the edge of the understood human universe, that boundary which connects our known world and our daily lives to the Infinite. It's the edge beyond which phenomenon appear to be magic, and the space from which humanity's greatest advances come from. Through distilling the unknown into insight.

These innovations, these leaps in humanity's understanding of the world have profound impact, from Copernicus' heliocentric realization about celestial spheres, that the Sun is the center of our solar system, to Newton's universal law of gravitation, and Einstein's theory of relativity. Moving out of the classical era, began the leap to the nuclear era, and modern quantum mechanics with the cumulative efforts of Pauli, von Neumann, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Born, Dirac, Feynman and many other brilliant theoretical physicists. Ushering in the Information Age, Claude Shannon created the field of information theory with "A Mathematical Theory of Communication", and laid foundation for modern cryptography with his seminal work on secrecy systems. He even devised the first artificially intelligent device, Theseus, a mouse capable of machine learning the fastest path through mazes.

In the networked age, these advances happen and evolve much more rapidly, with each innovation layer enabling thousands of perceptive individuals to carry the innovator's torch. In the past two decades we've seen the dawn of the Internet, the birth of cryptographic finance with Satoshi's invention of Bitcoin, and the launch of the world's first Web 3 computing layer with Ethereum.

Within the past years, humans are rapidly advancing into space, witnessing the rise of electric transport, the birth of AI, the advent of autonomy, and the explosion of digital assets across finance, art and culture. This is where we focus. This is where we invest. At the edge of the unknown, at the Innovation Horizon.